Juki Sewing Machine Review

Last updated: March 11th, 2022

Fashion, style, and modernism have been the culture of this generation. Experimenting with varied styles, patterns, and clothes, we all have a keen knowledge of fashion diversity. Ever wondered how amazing it feels to have the right partner for your fresh beginning? With the product we’re talking about, you’ll be on top of the world.

With our presented research here in the post, you’ll discover the best sewing machine of all time. Yes, we’re talking about the Juki Sewing Machine. 

Juki Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-27Z Sewing Machine

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Juki sewing machine is one of the exceptional masterpieces you’ll ever come across in the market. Loaded with advanced features and functions, this machine has been extraordinary to perform your skills on. This sewing machine is exceptionally durable and perfect to get your hands on.

Be it for yourself or a present, this one is a perfect product overall. Juki sewing machine is worth every penny you spend on it and we’ll tell you why. 

Salient Features Of Juki Sewing Machine 

  • Accommodation

We’ve usually seen sewing machines, which possess a great amount of space. But this machine is perfect for you if you’ve been living in a tiny space as it is extremely small yet so powerful. 

  • Portability

Juki sewing machine, being a tiny one weighs extremely less than you could ever think of. This makes it easier for the users to carry it anywhere, anytime hassle freely. Be it at your place, campsite, RV, and so on. Carry your hobby along. 

  • Buttonholes 

This machine offers you a complete 4 steps buttonhole feature, which makes your sewing smooth, quick, and easy. 

  • Stitching Patterns 

It’s really hard to go with the right structure or patterns as a fresher but this machine offers you 22 different patterns to sew your desired cloth and make it fabulous. 

  • Drop-in bobby pins 

This feature keeps your arms free and the bobby pins can be attached with just a drop on the right side and you’re all set to go. 

  • LED Lights 

Sewing at times might cause a lot of strain but this machine lets you sew in perfect bright light. The working area of this machine has an led, which straightly focuses on your cloth. 

  • Needle Threader 

This might be a tiny product but its features bring immense convenience. The needle threader of this machine is automated. So all you have to do is put the thread in the loophole and the machine knows its job. 

  • Solid and Efficient 

It’s a myth where people believe that smaller things are less efficient than compared with huge things. But this machine is definitely an exception as it has the capacity to perform all the tasks that a huge machine can do. 

  • Feed Dog (7 Points) 

There are 2 additional feed dogs put in the front of the needle hole. This helps in stitching right from thin material to thick denim fabrics effortlessly. 

  • Reverse Feed Lever 

The reverse feed lever present in the machine requires no rocket science knowledge for operating it as it’s larger and efficient. 

  • Easy operation 

The black dial present on the handle makes it easy for the user to change the settings as per their convenience.

What We Like

  • This machine weighs just 16 pounds
  • Easy portability 
  • Product arrives with an easy to understand manual 
  • Stitches can be adjusted as per your choice
  • The machine is well laid out 
  • It has the ability to make a perfect straight stitch 
  • Durable products 
  • Has the capability to stitch the thick cloths perfectly 

What We Dislike

  • The vertical spool present in this machine is extremely short 
  • Makes a lot of noise while stitching 
  • Does not let you adjust the stitching speed 
  • Does not have an extension table 


Just like we said earlier, this one is an extraordinary sewing machine you’ll ever find in the market. This machine has the ability to do all your serious and massive tasks conveniently and easily. Unlike other products, this machine is available at a great price. As a beginner, this is a perfect partner as it offers a great variety of patterns and can make 550 stitches per minute.  


Riya Sen is a professional sewer and has been sewing for over 10 years. She covers topics such as how to choose the right sewing machine, how to get started with sewing, and tips and tricks for sewing success.

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