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Last updated July 24th, 2022

Sewing Thread is the most important part of the sewing kits. If you have exhausted your thread spools and if you are looking for more set of the thread then ensure that you purchase only high-quality threads. In addition to this, ensure that you buy multiple colours for versatility. The threads should be strong so as to provide strength to the stitches and the colour should also be vibrant. The most popular one remains to be the ones which are made of polyester. While making the purchase, you may also want to check for the length of each spool. After considering all these factors, you will be able to purchase the best box for yourself. To help you with your purchase, we have also compiled a list of the best sewing thread boxes available in India and we made it a point to list out the pros and cons of each product. So, let us check out the list of best available products

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 5 Best Sewing Thread Box in India

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Amazon DAIDSUKE™ 90 Degree 45 Reels Sewing Supplies…

Amazon DAIDSUKE™ 90 Degree 45 Reels Sewing Supplies Organizer Rectangular Plastic Tailoring Accessories Box Thread Button Storage Needle Box Big Size 45 Spools Tailor kit (Multi Color)
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  • ★★ Can store upto 45 thread reel.
  • ★★ Can store scissor also plus many more big to small size things.
  • ★★ Made up of durable plastic.
  • ★★ Color May Vary.
  • ★★ Our Sewing is the indispensable tool if you want to create a masterpiece. All you need is an idea, Sewing will help you construct it to reality.
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Zintalic Sewing Kit Thread Box- 24 Reel Storage…

Zintalic Sewing Kit Thread Box- 24 Reel Storage Capacity 2 Floor Storage Container with Plastic Tailoring Accessories Box for Buttons, Needles, Pin Etc.- 1pc Empty Box Assorted
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  • Sewing is made from the best quality materials which are safe for the user, and friendly with the environment. Therefore, you won't have to worry about any risks involved while using.
  • Can store upto 24 thread reel.
  • Material Plastic,Multi Colors Box.
  • The best compact sewing kit that is always available, sewing kit easy to access for those quick, on the go repairs.
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GNASTAS Double Layer Portable Travel Sewing Kits Box

GNASTAS Double Layer Portable Travel Sewing Kits Box with Color Needle Threads Scissor pin, Thimble, Measure Tape | Handwork Sewing Accessories.
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  • All in One Kit: The sewing kit bundle comes with all in one accessory that has scissors, thread needles, measuring tape, buttons etc and comes with a carrying case. It can be used in many occasions such as mending your bags or clothes
  • Portable and Handy: The sewing kit comes with a carrying case thus making it easy to carry along with you for all your travels. The compact design making it convenient to carry in style anywhere you travel.
  • Easy to Use: Each item is neatly packed and the they won't fall out when you open the case, needles in separate closed box for safety, and other items securely tucked in place with attractive black elastic bands
  • High Quality: The materials are made of high-quality materials such as string, plastic and metal. The sewing kit is equally good for use by both men and women and each item is made from excellent craftmanship and is build to last long.
  • DIY sewing: The sewing kit is designed for quick mending, suitable for home or emergency repairs. Perfect to patch holes in clothes, reinforce buttons, and embroidery.
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Vardhman Polyester Sewing Threads in Box H-301 (Multi-Coloured)

Vardhman Polyester Sewing Threads in Box H-301 (Multi-Coloured) - Set of 100 Pieces
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  • 180m Each spool used in hand and machine work,
  • 100 % Spun polyster thread
  • Made in india
  • Sewing threads,
  • Suitable with all machines ( singer / usha/ brother/ rajesh )
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VGMAX Stores Sewing Kit Set Box

VGMAX Stores Sewing Kit Set Box for Needles/Threads/Scissor/pin/Buttons- Organizer Item for Tailoring Accessories - (32reels Storage)
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  • Can store up to 32 thread reels.
  • This Sewing Kit has trendy design is easy to carry and store.
  • It meets all your very basic needs and even perfect for travel.
  • It meets all your very basic needs and even perfect for travel.
  • SIZE : 21L x 12w x 9H cm.
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What Exactly is the Strongest Sewing Thread?

Before jumping right into the sewing thread price, it is important to bear in mind the strongest sewing thread. Well, after all, there is no point in creating suspense; it is definitely nylon. We have come to a conclusion based on all the speculations and research over the year. Neither less to say, its synthetic built with a great tensile strength has taken the market by surprise. 

Further including, it is a very high strength-size ratio, which certainly helps in stitching. In fact, nylon threads work best when it comes to heavy sewing fabrics. 

What are the Different Types of Threads Based on Fabric?

If you are starting out with stitching, you are actually going to have a hard time choosing the right thread for you. Currently, the market is saturated with a plethora of options to choose from. So, down below is a list of some of the most commonly used thread types: 

1) Cotton Thread

When it comes to working your way around lightweight cotton fabrics, cotton threads are the best option to go for. Without a stretch, you can actually get a smoother finish with cotton threads. It is also heat resistant, but don’t expect versatility while using it on different materials. 

2) Polyester Thread

Polyester threads are by far one of the most flexible threads you can actually find out there in the market. It can easily work with all types of fabric. Just bear in mind that cotton threads are not at all heat resistant. If you push the same against iron, chances are it is not going to withstand the heat. 

3) Nylon Thread

While we have already discussed Nylon in the previous section, it is still worth mentioning. Just like polyester, nylon threads are also synthetic. So, you can easily use them with any kind of material you want. At the same time, you can actually find them in varieties of weights.

The only downside is that nylon threads are not well suited for heat transfer. The application of iron can easily bear nylon threads. Nylon thread price in India varies according to the different weights. 

4) All-Purpose Thread 

As the name suggests, the all-purpose thread is suited for any kind of sewing you want. The secret behind it is the mixture of cotton and polyester. If you are using a sewing machine, it is by far the best thread to go for. At the same time, you can use them for handmade fabrics, woven fabric, and anything else you can get your hands on.

While the cotton portion of the tread creates ease with stitching, the polyester creates stretchiness. That means it is also heat resistant to a certain degree. 

5) Metallic Thread

If you are looking for an off-beat sewing thread price, metallic thread is well-suited for the same. Although when it comes to metallic threads, they are mainly used for decorative purposes. So, for the most part, you can actually find its usage in art and craft. But at the same time, with just the right care, you can make some of the most beautiful crafts with metallic thread. 

6) Silk Thread

When it comes to silk thread, you can actually use them on varieties of threads. At the same time, you can use silk thread with heavier fabrics and the most lightweight. One of the best advantages of using silk thread is that it doesn’t leave any hole in your fabric. This is something that can really come in handy if you are working on some delicate stitching. 

The Final Verdict

These are the best thread boxes available in the market. You may be able to find a better deal online and hence do make it a point to compare the price of these boxes.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the deals and purchase the best one for your home.


Riya Sen is a professional sewer and has been sewing for over 10 years. She covers topics such as how to choose the right sewing machine, how to get started with sewing, and tips and tricks for sewing success.