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Last updated July 23rd, 2022

Sewing machines are a popular household item in India. It allows you to tweak or modify patterns in clothes and is a great way to use your free time and creativity. Buying a sewing machine is not a straightforward task due to the abundance of choices available in the market. In this article, we will be listing out some of the best sewing machines. So make sure to check out all the options.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 5 Best Sewing Machines With Table in India

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Akiara® - Makes life easy Mini Sewing Machine with Table Set | Tailoring Machine | Hand Sewing Machine with extension table, foot pedal, adapter
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  • AFTER SALES SERVICE Tailoring Machine is user-friendly. Please Contact Us by EMAIL if there is any issue during operation. We are always here and happy to assist every customer.
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Appigo Sewing Machine

Appigo Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring with Table Set, Foot Pedal, Adapter and Sewing Kit
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  • In a Box : 5 X Sewing Thread 2 X Hook Pin 1 X Tape 1 X Timble 1 X Sewing Needle Set 1 X Scirror 1 X Sewing Machine 1 X Extenstion Table ,Sewing Kit .
  • Fabrics that cannot be stitched: Thick fabrics like denim, velvet and other thick fabrics
  • Mini Sewing Machine for Home with Double Threads, With Two Speed Control, Sew the Sleeves Easily
  • Please read the User manual provided before using the product Hand Machine for Stitching
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Classipro Sewing Machine

Classipro Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring with Table Set Foot Pedal, Adapter and Sewing Kit
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  • 【Inside Product Box】 1 x Sewing Machine / 4 x Metal bobbins / 3 x Needle / 10 x Threader / 1 x Foot pedal / 1 x AC Adapter /1 x Needle Thread / 1 x Measuring Tape / 1 x Color Pin / 1 x Extension Table / 8 x Press Button / 1 x Safety Pin / 1 x Scissor
  • 【Foot Pedal Operation】Electrical sewing machine with foot pedal. Concentrated your sewing with both hands and control the speed with Foot Pedal. It also supports the battery supply for outdoor using.
  • 【Automatic Bobbin Rewinding】Built-in winding pole and spool assist to rewind the bobbins when you turn on the machine, easy for bobbins replacement. And it has two speeds for selection according to your needs.
  • 【Instruction】Please read the User manual provided before using the product. Do not run machine without cloth.
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Sewfect Sewing Machine Extension Table

Sewfect Sewing Machine Extension Table - Suitable for Singer Promise 1408 1409 & 1412 - Merritt 1409 Automatic Sewing Machine - Small Size 11.5' x 15'
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  • Sewfect Extension Table for Singer Promise 1408, 1409 & 1412 - Merritt 1409
  • Height-adjustable Legs with Rubber Pads
  • Precision Cut Table with Measuring Scale which makes sewing very comfortable
  • Note: Choose correct model table according to your sewing machine
  • Available in 3 sizes
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QUINTEN Sewing Machine

QUINTEN Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring Mini Silai Machine with table| Mini Stitching with extension table, foot pedal, adapter (Sewing Machine With Table) (White)
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  • QUINTEN mini sewing machine support AC/DC power supply or Batteries. The mini silai machine is easy to turn on with button or Foot Pedal (included). The electric sewing machine for home use is a portable sewing machine and the best sewing machine for home . The sewing machine table is a good mini sewing machine for home . The shilai machines does good silaaee machine. The silai machine stand table set is a perfect gift. The stitching machine for home mini is a good machine.
  • QUINTEN stiching mechanic for home is a double Threads design make the stitching stronger and ends sewing without tying the thread. shilai machines full set is a good tailoring machine and there is a Speed button on the product to turn the speed in “high” or “slow” according to your demand making it a perfect sewing machine mini.
  • QUINTEN sewing machine comes with sewing accessory which includes 4 pcs bobbin, 1 pc needles, 1 threader, which makes the sewing easy for starters. The sweing. machine for home thus becomes a perfect starter.
  • QUINTEN stitching machines comes a foot pedal. It is optional to use it. You can either control the speed with the foot pedal or you can choose between speed 1/2 as per your convinience. Thus the sewing machine is easy to use.
  • QUINTEN sewing machine for home tailoring can either be used with batteries or with the help of DC power adaptor. IF you are travelling then you can use the silai machine for home with help of batteries thus making it highly portable.
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Buying Guide for Sewing Machine

Sewing Machines are categorized into electronic, mechanical, and computerized. Mechanical one is basic and easily affordable. The electronic machine has built-in patterns and features to control the length and type of the stitch. The computerized version has the latest features and uses a touch-screen display. There are lots of customization options and it can be programmed to execute highly complex stitching patterns.

Factors To Consider

Stitch Count

Sewing Machines come with different stitching patterns such as straight stitching and zig-zag stitching. There are some machines that offer a high number of stitching patterns like around 100 but they are catered more towards inexperienced users. So it’s better to assess your needs first, then make a decision.


If you are tight on a budget, then a mechanical or electric sewing machine would be the better choice. Also, ensure that the product comes with a warranty and it is best to choose from a reputed brand.

Motor Size

The size of the motor is what determines the weight of the sewing machine. The weight of the machine is between 7 and 15 kgs. Choose a smaller motor if portability is an issue for you.


We recommend choosing a sewing machine with an SPM of 550 or more. This way, you will be able to complete projects faster.


We hope you enjoyed this piece on the best sewing machines in India. There are other options as well but we went with the more well-known brands to ensure reliable products for the users. So research properly and choose one that suits your needs and budget. 


Riya Sen is a professional sewer and has been sewing for over 10 years. She covers topics such as how to choose the right sewing machine, how to get started with sewing, and tips and tricks for sewing success.